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In May Mr Lam Van Chuc 09/2001 (Phuc) opened two cafes in Saigon real estate andbusiness m O land, in the cafe business and act as brokers, Wish he were drawing and analysis gained more experience in real estate.

      From there he went boldly into Company Ltd Phuc Duc Real Estate on 30/01/2003. Initially operate with four members: one director and three staff vien.Voi the passionate enthusiasm of the professional head of the company, only in 2003, Phuc Duc has expanded into 13 more exchanges Property in HCMC.

In 2004, Phuc Duc continue to maintain development momentum stick deeper market and develop the city into 14 floors up in HCMC.
In 2005, market penetration Phuc Duc Dong Nai and Binh Duong to expand the market of provinces and cities to link up with other ... City market. Ho Chi Minh

In 2006, the company leaders decided to establish seven member companies Phuc Duc as an indispensable strategy   development   Phucducgroup become a corporate multi-sector operations, opened a new phase: specialization in activities, create links and effective exploitation of the optimal capacity of the parent company as well as other member companies.

S ong, but taking advantage of opportunities to facilitate and promote the strengths inherent in finding and exploiting the market, Phuc Duc continuous improvement of its activities and business-oriented professional development effective and sustainable development. With the motto   "HOUSING FOR REAL ESTATE", so far   Phuc Duc has become one of the leading brands in the real estate industry in Vietnam South . 

Period 2008-1010 was a period of Phuc Duc affirmed prestige brands to focus investment and development projects of real estate: new residential, condominium, apartment, commercial centers, Eco Villas ... with the change of brand identity, launched the real estate transaction online Phuc Duc: , and also launched real estate transactions Center at 240 Vo Van Tan, Ph Referral 5, District 3, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh. Board of Directors and the whole company is completely committed Phucducgroup available for new stage of professional development, large scale and more successful during the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, the rapidly developing country and integration into the world economy.

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    Development orientation of mercy became Group Real Estate business. 
    Investment - Development of large scale projects in Vietnam and concentrated in urban areas nationwide. 
    Develop and expand the system...
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