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World gold market 'explode'

Gold prices rose 25 USD in a circuit yesterday, setting a new record over $ 1,375 an ounce. With this price, the domestic gold price can exceed 33 million.

In New York trading session on 13/10, is a contract in December jumped $ 1,355 from a peak circuit unprecedented $ 1,375.70, before closing at $ 1,370.50 at the closing. Spot prices also hit a record $ 1,374.15, up to 24 USD compared to the open door. With this price, gold imports in Vietnam can be at more than 33 million VND per tael.

Market set a new record after several days Linh xinh cost around $ 1,350, while investors wait for the meeting of the Federal Reserve.

Also yesterday, the reason is the soaring gold dolla weakened after the Fed's statement. U.S. Federal Reserve led investors to believe that the quantitative easing policy will soon be applied.

Gold price as patchwork wings after a meeting of Market Committee Federal Open ended. Meetings broadcast signals positive for gold prices as increased buying of government bonds or Fed cuts growth forecast for U.S. economy in 2011.

In the Asian session this morning, the momentum is not subject to escalation stopped. Up to 8h02 in Hanoi time, each equivalent to $ 1,376.30 an ounce of gold, up $ 4.40 compared to the open door. This is the last record to this point.

While the gold market set a record, world stock also jumped to the highest peak for 6 months. Oil prices also jumped 1.6% and closed above 83 USD a barrel.

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