Apartment EraTown - District 7


PHU MY - District 7

- The project has a total area of 105,495 m² (located in the Phu My 268.200m2 TDC) is divided into three zones: 
+ Zone I (more than 50,000 m²), 34.46% MDXD 5 scale apartment blocks (1 block 29 storeys high and four 30-storey high block), preschool and a block-trade services 8 storeys high. The block and district kindergarten through another shared basement with total area of 45,253.3 m2 basement the whole area. 
+ Zone II (nearly 34,000 m2) as squares, green areas, parks, recreation, sport with only 10% MDXD. 
+ Zone III (over 21,000 m2), MDXD 32.5%, with a size of 4 apartment blocks (two 27-storey block, two 20-storey block) with common commercial podium block of 3 floors. The apartment has an area of from 50 to 254.7 m². Basement blocks that share information together. 
- As an investor, technical infrastructure and quality of each apartment is built to the standard of urban luxury. Including facilities such as shopping centers, swimming pools, parks, schools, hospitals, ..., where promises to bring your family a very green environment and ideal. The space was calculated and arranged to ensure the rational use demand of over 11,000 people living in resettlement areas of Phu My. 
- Total investment of the project is nearly 4375 billion. Project implementation period of 30 months.

The project is located in front of Nguyen Luong Bang extended approximately 1 km from Phu My Hung, located adjacent to the river and is surrounded Phu Xuan close to three major rivers are rivers bats, rivers and canals Nha Ong Doi. 
- Located between the main streets of the road: Huynh Tan Phat, Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Luong Bang and adjacent to the Central Administrative District 7, Phu My Hung urban area. 

Apartment detail

- 8-storey commercial center at block A6
- 2 pools
- Schools
- Kindergarten
- Supermarket
- Parks
- Area sports

Era Town project characteristics:  

Apartment area: the area varied from 2 - 3 bedrooms

A: 2 bedrooms - Area: 85.15 m2

C: 3 bedrooms - Area: 106.43 m2

D: 3 bedrooms - Area: 149.43 m2

Price: Price from 13,880,000 million m2 (about $ 1182 per apartment)

Home Affairs: finishing, furniture, sanitary equipment, kitchen

Expected to be completed in quarter 2 / 2013.
Payment Methods
Deposit 50 million:

1st 10% of contract signing

Phase 2 15% -2 months after signing contract

Stage 3 10% -3 months from phase 2

Stage 4 10% -4 months from phase 3

Phase 5 10% - 4 months later after round 4

Session 6 15% -4 months from phase 5

7th 25% when handing over the

Session 8 5% When the Communications Papers
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