Peridot Tower Building - District 8

Peridot Building - Happiness fingertips

Location: 226/51, An Duong Vuong, Ward 16, District 8, HCM City.

Peridot, a gemstone with color combinations of gold and green noble hope, have 

Features dispel fears in the night, giving the wearer the temperate 

and a satisfactory marriage, happiness. 

From the good things brought this stone, our company has named 

apartment project in District 8 is Peridot Building with the desire of each resident 

apartment will enjoy peace, happiness and success in life.

Peridot Building Project is built on the land with a total area of 1801.8 m2, where building density is 50%, 
the remaining area includes facilities such as roads - yard, trees ... scale 14 floors
(excluding basement, engineering - Roof),
which from 1st to 3rd floor to use as shopping centers - offices, from the 4th floor to 14th floor apartment.

Construction of modern architecture combining the two styles Asia - Europe, each unit is arranged logically
and all furniture will give your living space peaceful and happy.
 The entire building is designed with four types
of apartments with area from 71m2 - 96m2 to meet the needs of every household.

- Connect Avenue East - West. 
- Located in the quiet spaces in new
residential areas planned for Ward 16, District 8.

- Only 15 minutes to the center of District 1.

Apartment type A

- Bedroom 1: 11.1m2 
- Bedroom 2: 9m2 
- Bedroom 3: 10.8m2 
- Living Room: 14.5m2 
- Guest kitchen: 20.4m2 
- Balcony: 3m2 
- Drying: 3.6m2 
- WC 1 room: 3.8m2 
- WC Room 2: 2.2m2 
- General Part: 17.6m2 
- Total area: 96m2

Apartment B

- Bedroom 1: 14.5m2 
- Bedroom 2: 9m2 
- Living Room: 12.5m2 
- Guest kitchen: 16m2 
- Balcony: 2.5m2 
- Drying: 2.5m2 
- WC 1 room: 3m2 
- WC Room 2: 2.5m2 
- General Part: 12.5m2 
- Total area: 75m2

Type C Apartments

1 bedroom: 10.4m2 
Bedroom 2: 9.4m2 
Living room: 15m2 
Dining + kitchen: 16.6m2 
Balcony: 3.3m2 
Drying: 4m2 
WC 1 room: 4m2 
WC Room 2: 2.4m2 
General Part: 7.9m2 
Total area: 73m2

Type D apartment

1 bedroom: 11.2m2 
Bedroom 2: 12m2 
Living Room: 12.5m2 
Dining + kitchen: 15m2 
Drying: 2.5m2 
WC 1 room: 4.4m2 
WC Room 2: 4m2 
General Part: 9.4m2 
Total area: 71m2
Payment methods:
PhaseRatio%Billing period
120Immediately after signing the contract on capital contribution
215After completion of the concrete basement
310After you finish the concrete floor to floor frame 4
415After you finish the concrete floor to floor frame 8
515After you finish the concrete floor to floor frame 14
610After completion of construction vehicles
710After receiving the notice hand over apartments
85When handing over sovereignty apartment

Bank support for the 70% loan term to 20 years.

PRICE 14mil - 15mil/m2



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