Nhat Lan Floor 12 Apartment - Binh Tan



Location: Apartment located in Lan Nhat Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan Dist. City, location of land is limited by the north line 54A, Highway 1A West, The Bounded 57, Road 59 north.

Advantages: Located in front of National Highway 1A - o axis in the main information on the western gateway to the city, just few minutes drive you will reach the public areas such as Big-C supermarket, Metro Binh Phu, Cho Ms. Hom. 
Nearly Trieu An Hospital, Medical Center tech. 
Located in the residential area with Tao range of trees and parks, swimming pools create a cool space. 
Located near schools kindergarten, grade I, II, III and Sports Center.

Nhat Lan 12th floor apartment consists of 2 blocks C and D with a total land area of 12,425 m2 with 166 apartments. per unit area from 45.5 m2 to 88.8 m2.

The apartments are designed with amenities:

• The rooms have windows 
• There are two layers of glass door system 
• There is the washing, drying clothes 
• Is there cable TV 
• laminate flooring 
• Natural Wood Floors 
• A large balcony 
• There are separate inboxes 
• A high-speed internet 
• A storage map 
• A large living room 
• Have a garden 
• Bathroom with bathtub 
• large main bedroom 
• Beautiful surroundings 
• Toilet not set aside with bathroom 
• Phone 
• There is air conditioning 
• bath heater 
• Utilities fully

Will give you the ideal apartment and resort of all living spaces

Price: Original company

Payment methods:

Session 1: Deposit 50.000.000d (fifty million) and contract deposits.

Phase 2: Within 07 days after the deposit contract, customers pay 30% of the apartments and the two sides signed a contract to buy apartments.

Stage 3: Within 60 days after you sign a contract to buy apartments, customers pay 20% of contract value.

Stage 4: Within 120 days after you sign a contract to buy apartments, customers pay 20% of contract value.

Stage 5: As soon as Real Estate Corporation announced Phuc Duc handing over the apartment, customers pay 20% of contract value.

Stage 6: As soon as the new company set up procedures for issuing certificates of sovereignty, customers pay 10% of the contract value remaining.


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