Pho Dong Hoa Sen Apartments - District 9

Introduction project

LOTUS Pudong is the place for you to truly build their own nest.

An open green space for the BEST quality of life

A sustainable platforms for long happy life
"An Lac Housing Industry" as a concept is always in the mind of every person we Vietnamese. But to find the "dream homes" and to ensure living spaces, both in line with income is not easy.

To 'BUILDING EAST STREET LOTUS' you will be satisfied that dream.


"Clear and more comfortable" Pudong LOTUS best choice for you.

Located in Phuoc Long B Ward, the New Center area of Q. 9, the NEW CITY CENTER THU THIEM 4km, is the main transport hub of Ho Chi Minh City and the South East region in the near future. 

Overall flat


Ventilation is the leading factor was the architect expressed quite clearly in this work. Entire corridor are guaranteed open and natural lighting.

To meet the demand for shopping, entertainment, right on the ground floor, first and second floor is a large area for commercial and service areas. In addition, parking is also located in this floor mix makes the ease of daily needs of the people here.

With the arrangement of four elevator system is provided by one of the world's leading brand, will ensure that circulating throughout a building quickly and safely.


Located arterial trunk roads such as Lien Road Ward 70, Do Xuan Hop 1km road, highway Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay 1.5 km to the City Belt Express 500m.

Create favorable conditions for major transportation for residents living in apartment buildings, the city daily to work, visiting relatives or on holiday in the West last week in Vung Tau, Phan Thiet is no longer a major problem for you if you live in the Building, Pu Dong LOTUS.

Apartment detail

To design the front door in the floor close to the main space in the apartment and minerals very clear vision, filled with green space from the Sports Complex Rach, you can completely enjoy yourself along to enjoy nature more than the value of life. 

With a luxurious full of green space

Extra advantages:

   - Business Center at Level 1, 2, 3.

- Accommodation so spacious car: each apartment has 2 seat motorcycle and a car seat.

- Cafe on the rooftop (18th floor).

- 4 lifts large tonnage, modern European and American technology.

- Camera 24/24

- The Internet, cable TV, telephone ...

- Enhance system mobility wave. Power generation systems ...


- 55 m² - (2 bedrooms, 1WC)

- 66 m² - (2 bedrooms, 1WC)

- 81 m² - (2 bedrooms, 2 WC)

- 94 m² - (3 bedrooms, 2 WC)

Investor base price: 13,5-16mil/m2

 Bank loans to support 70% 10-15 years

Payment methods 

Session 1: Deposit 
Session 2: Contract Signing (7 days after deposit) 
Session 3: 3 months after signing contract 
Session 4: 6 months after signing contract 
Series 5: 9 months after the date of signature of contract 
Stage 6: 12 months after signing contract 
Stage 7: 15 months after the date of signature of contract 
Session 8: 15 days from the date of handing over the apartment notice 
Stage 9: Complete sovereignty 


- Pay 50% of contract value: 1.5% discount

- Pay 60% of the value of contract: 3% discount

- Pay 70% of contract value: 4.5% discount


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