Tera Rosa Apartment - Binh Chanh



OPPORTUNITY TO BUY APARTMENT Tera ROSA, near Phu My Hung, RATES FROM 1 billion (the original sale price, not cost difference). 

introduction project

A new urban center of Phu My Hung 10 MINUTES, located in the city's new urban areas. High-rise located in Phong Phu, on the front of Nguyen Van Linh. 
- Design Company: Future Architechture JSC Design (USA) 
- Project scale: The total project 26.000m2 includes two 25-storey block, 1 block 29 storeys and 366 apartments. 
- The area from 69-311m2-Each apartment has separate drying space, discreetly. 
- Offering more Baywindow 2-7m2 dt, 3 edges towards the space fresh and comfortable 
- Architectural design and interior: American Architect 
- Execution by the graduate engineer in the U.S. 
- Interior European-style 
- Price from only 12 million/m2, flexible payment. 
- Utility projects: 
+ Swimming pool, tennis court. Commercial centers, clinics, kindergartens, and community room. 
+ Central gas system, commercial shop, nursery, health clinic, .. 
+ Park green park 
+ Exit air pipe 
+ For parking across two blocks. 
Dt + bonus Baywindow create new space and modern. 

* The center of Phu My Hung new urban 7.0 km. 
* The National Highway 1A (towards West) 5.5 km. 
* The City Centre 9 km. 
* How to Market Big 5 km. 
* On the main road in a belt width of 60 m, perpendicular to connect with Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard East and West. 

Apartment detail

Ground apartment 69.1 m2 + (4 m2 Bay Window bonus) 

Ground apartment 79.5 m2 + (4 m2 Bay Window bonus) 

Ground apartment 91.6 m2 + (m2 Bay Window 2 bonus) 

Surface m2 apartment + 127.3 (2 m2 Bay Window bonus) 

Ground flat + 138.2 m2 (7 m2 Bay Window bonus) 

Surface 183 m2 apartment + (4.6 m2 Bay Window bonus) 

More information here
phase 2 Prices 


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