Green Hills Apartments - Tan Binh


Introduction project

Project Green Hills in new urban Welife City (urban area in Vinh Loc, Binh Tan District) is considered standard urban first international at the west of Ho Chi Minh City by the companyIDE (100% capital of Korea) with more than 7 years experience in building and managing apartments and as an investor. Welife City offers a lifestyle with advanced planning smart, environmentally friendly and fast development in the future to add perfect as a small city. Green Hills Apartments in Welife City promises to deliver a perfect life, class and elegance to all residents here.

Master plan

Green Hills project within the overall urban Welife City 110 hectares and 30 hectares of property and planning many items of key decisions the whole area prosperity: Trade Centre, International School, Hospital, luxury villas and 4,000 apartments of high quality ...

Inner zone adjacent to the park is larger than 7 hectares advantages of Greenhills because this apartment is the ideal space for entertaining, garden and construction of low-density conditions to ensure the green living environment-mail stretch for outdoor activities of residents. 

Besides, at Green Hills apartments, residents will own the gadget works as interior swimming pool area, tennis, badminton, children's area, gym, garden plants ...

Mix with fresh air spreads in all places, enjoy the ideal comfortable life in Green Hills Apartments "top quality, reasonable price"

Overall flat

Greenhills four thousand apartments are divided into five sections (lots), apartmentsGreenhills The first is building the foundation is located at Lot 5. This position consists of three sub-areas A, B and C on the total area of 33.000 m2 777 units make up nearly 68% of this area for public amenities: tennis courts, pool, garden plants, plus ... corridor system makes open flat habitats extremely clean and ideal for future residents.

While the design and construction are closely monitored and installed the best equipment and advanced, Green Hills Apartments still offers customers complete satisfaction because the price is surprisingly competitive desire to retreat into reality.

With Green Hills, apartment owners, living in a complex urban area and development potential of international standards will bring within reach.


Located in residential area in Vinh Loc, near the intersection between Highway 1A and Nguyen Thi Tu, Le Trong Tan.

After Le Trong Tan has expanded to 30 meters, Nguyen Thi Tu upcoming construction will be of 30 meters will shorten the time in center area of Ho Chi Minh.

Very close to National Highway 1A was really easy to go to neighboring districts such as District 5, District 6, Tan Binh, Go Vap District 12, Cu as well as convenient to the developing provinces as Long An, Binh Duong , Dong Nai, Tay Ninh.

In addition, only 12 km from Ben Thanh Market, Tan Son Nhat Airport is 7 km, to Etown is 5 km, 6 km from Quang Trung Software Park. Besides industrial development as the Tan Binh Industrial Zone, Vinh Loc Industrial Park.

Apartment detail

Applicable design standards in harmony with Western cultural life of Vietnam to create harmony in the arrangement between public and private spaces that optimize the function of our apartment to bring upon convenience and comfort for homeowners in everyday life.

Also, the corridor system as a bridge to open natural space inside the apartment with sunlight during the day, the cool night air to limit artificial light have in our hot box salt flats.

Original price the owner: 15-18 mil/m2

Bank loans to support 70% 10-15 years

Payment methods

Reservation deposit
USD 30,000,000

Session 01
Within 10 days after completion of the foundation announced
Session 02
Within 10 days after receiving notice completed basement (from 03-04 months from phase 01)
Session 03
Within 10 days after notification built 2 storey (Approximately 02 months from phase 02)
Session 04
Within 10 days after notification completed level 6 (From 02-03 months from phase 03)
Session 05
Within 10 days after notification completed 10-storey (From 02 months from phase 04)
Session 06
Within 10 days after notification completed 15-storey (From 03-04 months from phase 05)
Session 07
Upon acceptance of the apartment (from 08-09 months from phase 06)
Session 08
Upon receiving the title to the apartment


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